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Eat your way through San Francisco this weekend at the SF Street Food Festival

One of the most interesting things I’ve witnessed while living here is how Food Trucks have taken on serving delicious, creative food right on the street. My first exposure to food trucks made me pretty wary. Back in high school I remember that there was a food truck that came by in the afternoons that we dubbed the “Roach Coach” – it wasn’t particularly appetizing. So that first Friday night a few years back where I sauntered up to Spencer on the GoChez Spencer‘s food truck that parks just up the street from where I live – I was simply blown away.


And Saturday marks the third annual SF Street Food Fest – an event that SF Weekly is calling the biggest culinary event of the year. Over 50 vendors will line up and down Folsom Street between 22th and 26th and close to 50,000 people are expected to show up. Susie and I will be there (filming, of course!) Follow me at @flawedartist if you’d like to meet up and share a bite.