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The Bliss of Homemade Butter

Hello little chefs!

As a faithful follower of Julia Child, the one thing I always need in my kitchen is butter. Glorious, creamy, smooth butter. It can turn something as simple as toast into a delectable delight. But all to often folks pick up 2nd rate butter at the store simply due to what’s available. This does not need to be the case. Butter is simple, fast and easy to make, but hardly anyone does it these days. I think this is something that needs to change – because everyone deserves to have top quality butter in their kitchen.

What you’ll need

  • A large jar or a stand mixer
  • A pint of top quality heavy cream
  • A small bowl with clean, pure water
  • A container to store the butter in
  • Mix ins such as salt, chives, garlic, etc

A Note on Ingredients

When it comes to cream, I try to get the freshest and highest quality possible. Living in California, I’m lucky most markets here carry Straus dairy products. If you have cream-top heavy cream in your local market, be sure to use it for your butter! The other thing you can dress your butter up with is creative mixed ins. My personal favorite is a teaspoon of truffle salt – easily make a decadent treat that would normally cost $30-$40 for a fraction of the price. You could also add a teaspoon of finely chopped rosemary, clives, or any other fresh herb.

Making the Butter

If you’re using a jar, make sure it’s large enough so that the cream only takes up 1/3 of the space within the jar. Shake the jar constantly until the butter solids completely separate from the buttermilk. Once that’s done, strain the butter solids and set the buttermilk aside. In a small, clean bowl, pour the water over the butter solids and kneed it so to remove any excess buttermilk. Take a hand mixer or a stand mixer and whip it a second time and add in any additions.

Save the Buttermilk!

If you’ve got a lemon lying around, add a tablespoon to your buttermilk and stick it in the fridge over night. You can make the most amazing pancakes with it the next morning.

Until next time, take care! – Morgan