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The birth of a food blog

Does the web need yet another food blog? Probably not, but that’s not gonna stop me!

I’ve notoriously been bad about blogging in the past, but with the birth of my YouTube show, Cooking with Awesome, I found a new topic that I find myself talking about more and more, food. Eating it, shopping for it, spending hours in the kitchen preparing it – it’s become my new method of meditation. Cooking seems to center me in a way that historically I’ve only felt in the dark room. And with my desire to create, starting a YouTube cooking show seemed natural after running the Quitting for a Cause campaign.

But this begs the question, why didn’t I start a food blog sooner?

The early stages of an adventurous eater

If you ask my mom about my tastes, she’d probably tell you about my 8th birthday. I remember we went out to a local restaurant in Mesa Arizona with my brother and grandparents, and I proceeded to order something no one expected me to – liver and onions. The wait staff had to come out to see this little girl order something that usually even adults avoid. To me, it was just a new thing I could dip into a mass of ketchup and enjoy!

Trying new things was something I loved to do, although growing up in Arizona my choices were still limited. And while I liked cooking, it wasn’t something that I would say I did extremely well. I would try my hand at cooking pasta, rice, and other simple dishes, but I would still mess up. Constantly. In college, I was much more interested in spending my dollars on film and pencils than fancy kitchen knives.

San Francisco – a foodie’s paradise

Moving to San Francisco opens so many new doors when it came to food – I finally got to try oysters, foie gras, dim sum, and so much more. Heading to the farmers market on the weekend quickly became one of the highlights of my week. And when I finally gave up vegetarianism in 2006, I went on a restaurant spree trying all the things I missed and always wanted to try.

We are so spoiled here. It’s just a fact. The super markets have access to all kinds of things that in Arizona I would have to go out of my way to find. There are farmers markets almost every single day of the week. I get to shake hands with the people who worked to produce the food I put on my table. And after living here for 5 years I have a hard time thinking back to a time when food wasn’t an important part of my life.

What’s next?

Simply put – I want a central location to post my cooking videos and recipes. I don’t expect to post too many regular blog posts (because, as previously mentioned, I’m terribly at that), but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. So, I hope you enjoy, and bon apetit!


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Holy shit, someone other than my mom is reading my blog!